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Dear friends,
We are launching our new research project. I believe that it will help open a new page of the history of family medicine in Russia. You might ask what a gerontological research has to do with family medicine.
Firstly, this authentic scientific research which has been planned and developed in accordance with all the rules of the scientific case-based medicine and clinical epidemiology will help us prove that family medicine is a genuine academic discipline, and a family physician can be a real investigator. Secondly, gerontology became an integral part of the family medicine in the modern world. And somewhere deep in my mind I believe that this research will be able to lift a veil of mystery from the unexplainable fact of high mortality rate in Russian Federation.  
The importance of this project is impossible to be overestimated. While working on the Crystal project we will be developing the investigation skills in the young family physicians, studying the variants of aging process among the Russian population and the possibilities of the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly people. Finally, the Crystal project will help us set up the new-type relationship between the Russian and Belgian teams of investigators, and also between the different countries’ universities. We are going to be the pioneers in explaining the meaning of the term ‘FRAILTY’ to Russian family physicians, nurses, geriatricians, and scientists.

Professor Elena Vladimirovna Frolova


«The project is funded by governmental structures; the means for the realization of this project have been granted in accordance with the direction of the President of Russian Federation dated 14 April 2008 No. 192-рп».